Photon Belt

Its Sunday and I just want to let the whole world know that I gotcha. Its all good baby. We are marching into a new era of light on this planet and its so subtle that no one will realize it until we’re there. I’ve been feeling so psychic lately (like thinking of someone or something before it happens, etc) I think it has something to do with our crossing of the centre of the galaxy. Google photon belt and see what comes up. Weed being God’s plant enhances these extra sensory perceptions & psychic abilities. Everyday we are heading one step closer to an era we right now could never comprehend. And I say its all G.

Casey Anthony

Is a dumb bitch who killed her kid. The fact that we couldn’t get the facts together to prove it makes us (the people) look like the real fuckin’ donkeys. So now she’s released, big whoop, Everyone knows her as a kid killer. Try getting a regular job (yeah right). In a way this is worse than prison. At least there she consistently had a roof and food. She prolly had her own cell cuz she didn’t look like she’d been roughed up or anythng from being there all that time. Now she has yes some supporters but really I think there will be more people seeking revenge, then supporting but an eye for eye is not gonna fix anything. So as Jesus would say “love your enemies”. So to all the supporters of Casey out there, you are the true christians displaying true forgiveness…> Wow that even shocked me after I wrote it! Not that I’m down with Christianity but most of the people who watch the news prolly are. The way the trial is being portrayed on TV is prolly the furthest thing from the real truth. We’ve been duped so many times by the news, its amazing people still give it the time of day. So in conclusion of Casey I say she’s been found innocent in the people’s court so the people owe it to her to give her a second chance. (Even OJ got to go back on TV post trial) I sure as FUCK would not leave her alone with a child tho. 

Life on Planet Earth

The older I get the more of an alien I feel. In terms of what it means to be human. Why we do the things we do. How time is measured with experience in a lifespan. Do animals think of their lives in terms of time and how much is left and how they are gonna spend it. I seem to measure it in experience but also in creation along the way. Are you a creator or a destroyer? Do you offer solutions or problems? How many visions have became realities for you? Just envisioning something gives it enough power to materialize if you make it happen. Sounds corny but its true, and excepting the fact that its not gonna turn out exactly like the vision but fairly close within the parameters your working within. The confidence to try is the biggest hurdle to jump, then finding the time to put in a honest effort.

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